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Race Fairings


Labitzke Half Race Fairing

Original weight 4 pounds, 4 ounces

Our weight 3 pounds, 7 ounces



Please note:   In April, 2014, we have re-molded the Labitzke Half Race Fairing.   It is now straight, true and symmetrical.


Ivan Messina of Motorrad Unlimited in Asheville, NC races this fairing on his R75/5.

He sent his Labitzke Race Fairing to us to mold.

Thanks Ivan!






Thunderbolt Race Fairing


Our Weight 3 lbs. 6 oz.

We modified the Habermann Thunderbolt to make this Race fairing.

Mounting hardware not available.  You will need to fabricate your own mounting system.

Windscreens are available at Gustafsson Plastics.  See link below.



Windscreens are available from Gustafsson Plastics. http://www.bikescreen.com/index.html


To Order Call (479) 359-2429






Our fiberglass parts are unfinished.  This means you will need to sand, prime and paint the part.  You will also need to drill any holes necessary to mount the part.  Mounting hardware is not included, only the replacement fiberglass part.  If any hardware is included with the part, it will be stated in the description.


NOTE: Occasionally there may be surface imperfections that will need to be sanded or filled and leveled.  Some parts may have flashing that will need to be sanded, filled and leveled.


Air bubbles are an inherent problem with hand laid fiberglass.

Occasionally you may expose an air bubble while sanding the surface.  Any air bubbles will need to be filled, sanded and leveled.


You can read more on our FIBERGLASS PART INSTRUCTIONS page.


Thank You.



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