We use West System Epoxy Resin, the leader in epoxy resin technology.


Epoxy resin has virtually no shrinkage.  Products made from polyester resins shrink during the curing process, as much as 8%.  This causes problems when it comes time to mount the part.  Ask any Corvette body man, it is difficult making the parts fit correctly.  When polyester resin is used to make the mold and the part, you get twice the shrinkage in a finished product. 


Epoxy resin products are lighter in weight than polyester.  Our epoxy parts are approximately 35% lighter in weight than the original polyester parts.


Epoxy resin products are stronger.  Epoxy parts can be as much as 20% stronger in tensile strength as compared to polyester parts.


Epoxy resin costs 3 to 4 times more than polyester, but to us it is worth the cost.


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Our fiberglass parts are unfinished.  This means you will need to sand, prime and paint the part.  You will also need to drill any holes necessary to mount the part.  Mounting hardware is not included, only the replacement fiberglass part.  If any hardware is included with a part, it will be stated in the description.


NOTE:  Occasionally there may be surface imperfections that will need to be sanded or filled and leveled.  Some parts may have flashing that will need to be sanded, filled and leveled.


Air bubbles are an inherent problem with hand laid fiberglass.  Occasionally you may expose an air bubble while sanding the surface.  Any air bubbles will need to be filled, sanded and leveled.


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