The Shop

Our shop in the Arkansas Ozarks



Marsha in the Office



Product Development Room

Product Development  / Wood Shop

"Test Frames" for Product Development


Bob preparing the Habermann Spitfire

 to make the mold.



Travis preparing the Rennsport fairing

to make a mold.


Travis prepping GS parts.


Craig preparing the RS 3/4 seat cowl

to make a mold.


Fiberglass Room

RS 3/4 Solo Seat cowl mold


Bob  making a cafe tail mold on the "test frame"

to insure proper fitment.

Bob making a cafe tail from the new mold.



Bob prepping the new Habermann  mold to

make the first part.


Motorcycle Shop


Metal Working Area

Paint Room

Travis painting a part.


Upholstery Room

Vacuum Forming Area

Photo Studio





Exercise Room

Craig and Marsha with wedge fairing






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