for your Fiberglass Part


Our fiberglass parts are made with West System Epoxy Resin and fiberglass cloth.


CLEANING:  We use wax and release agent in the mold which transfers to the part.  This must be removed from the part to prevent paint problems.  Wash the entire part with water and a small amount of non-oil based detergent (such as laundry soap).  You must also use a WAX & GREASE REMOVER and a final cleaning with NAPHTHA.  We recommend doing this step first and again before painting.  Wear latex or similar gloves to prevent finger oils from contaminating the part surface.  If you are allergic to latex, try Nitrile gloves.


DRILLING:  Holes should be made with a rotary tool and high speed cutting bit.  There are many sizes and shapes available, go to  If you use a drill and drill bit, we suggest that you use a brad point bit.  Standard drill bits can chip the surface of the part.


CUTTING:  If you need to cut your part, use a silican carbide cut-off wheel on a rotary tool such as Dremel or an air tool.  We recommend a reinforced wheel to prevent the wheel from shattering.  A sanding drum on a rotary tool works great to finish the edges.  If any other method is used such as a fine tooth saw, x-acto knife or metal grinding wheel you can chip and crack the epoxy finish. 


FILLING & LEVELING:  Our parts are unfinished raw fiberglass parts.  Occasionally there may be surface imperfections that need filled and/or leveled.  We recommend a high quality auto body filler such as Evercoat Rage Gold or Rage Extreme.  High quality sand paper is worth the extra money. Ask your local auto body supply store for recommendations.  If your part has a seam, sand down the flashing and fill any low areas.


FINISH SANDING: Your entire part must be sanded before painting as paint does not adhere well to a smooth and shiny part.  Finish sand the entire part lightly with approximately 300 - 600 grit sandpaper.  Sanding the edges will remove any fiberglass string ends.


PAINTING:  Prime the part with a high quality primer compatible with the paint you intend to use, preferably the same brand.  Using white primer may help the final color come out more true.  You may want to add a flex agent to the paint.  Follow the manufacturers instructions.


We are not paint experts, please seek advice from your paint supplier or any other reliable source of your choice.


If you have any other questions, please give us a call at 479-359-2429.

Thank you for choosing us to be part of your project,

Craig Schmidt




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