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My name is Craig Schmidt.  My wife, Marsha, and I live, work and play in northwest Arkansas in the beautiful Ozark Mountains.  Yes, we know they are really just hills, but they are beautiful.  And our roads, well, they're a blast!

I learned to ride on my Grandfather's farm around 1970 on a Honda Super 90.  I still have it!  Motorcycles have been my passion since about 1982 and BMWs in particular since 1986.  I love the vintage boxers and especially the racers.  I have long wanted to re-create these beautiful old machines.

In 2004 we purchased Fiberglass Specialties, a company that manufactures fiberglass and plastic parts for radio controlled airplanes.  The company was founded in 1977 and has the largest collection of RC molds in the world.

While we were in the process of purchasing this company, I knew I was going to use it to develop my dream:  re-creating the no-longer available fiberglass parts for old BMWs!  Since we are already in the fiberglass business, we thought we would offer these parts to you.


Craig & Marsha Schmidt




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